Kibar Holding

Our journey with Intengo company as the purchasing team of Kibar Group, which continues its active activities in many areas (Production, Commercial, Service etc.) sectorally, started with the active use of our company's electronic tender applications.

We thank you very much for providing excellent service at every step with a reliable and supportive partner approach since the first day starting with the introduction of the product, and for supporting us to increase the quality of our cost approaches with ease of implementation, guidance and reporting.

We believe that it is the most ideal platform that can be used in today's conditions, as it offers ethical, transparent and traceable tender opportunities to both our team and our suppliers in many areas, which we initially said that we cannot use e-tender as a sector.

Sinem GÜNEL Procurement Management and Internal Customer Experience Manager

Thank you for the support you have provided since the day we started working in February 2014. We start our journey with e-tender and continue by implementing many projects on the road we set out on.

The latest e-catalog we commissioned has been a life-saving project for us.

Bahadır Gürbilek Procurement Manager
Garanti BBVA

Undoubtedly, İntengo is one of the most important partners of Garanti BBVA in the acquisition transformation. It has fully met our technical needs with its catalog infrastructure that enables the tracking of products supplied from many different places on the same platform, and its bidding platform infrastructure that supports transparent and corporate memory by eliminating logistical requirements.

Besides, Intengo, which we always support for our unique needs, has carried us forward in purchasing processes with different offer collection methods. We are very happy to be on this road with Intengo and to continue this walk.

Levent Yazılı Procurement Manager
Announced to our customers and prospective customers!

e-Procurement Solutions which is provided under the brand of İntengo Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. until 2021, continuing its way in the name of “Inpromax”.

Under the brand of Inpromax, we will continue to serve our valued customers with our renewed infrastructure, expanded solutions and easy-to-use innovative interfaces.

We are willing to change the procurement world of institutions that have not yet joined the Inpromax world by digitalizing them right now.

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Changing your procurement world is in your hands!

Let's digitalize your processes with
Inpromax E-Procurement Platform.

Inpromax will provide advantages to your company with its innovative interface and corporate procurement solutions.

Live Projects

Our solutions at a glance

Everything that allows you to easily manage your procurement processes is included in the solutions we offer.

E-RFx Perform your information and offer collection processes quickly and easily through our system.
E-Auction Get the best prices in a transparent and competitive media with electronic procurement.
E-Catalog Manage your end-to-end processes from request to order by moving your framework contracts to the digital environment.
Reports and Expense Analyses Perform your analysis and make quick decisions by quickly accessing special and periodic reports for your projects.
E-Auction Consultancy Let our experienced consultants manage your bidding process.
Supplier Database Publish your projects on Inpromax Joint Procurement Platform, access thousands of member suppliers.
Find out more about our other solutions.

Some of our customers

Leading companies in the industry make a difference in their procurement processes by using our solutions.

  • BMC
  • BSH
  • Vitra
  • THY
With B2B Procurement Platform, you can increase your participation
in your projects by reaching more suppliers.

Success stories

We see our customers as our solution partners.

We are getting stronger with the feedback of our solution partners!

Kibar Holding We think that the Inpromax E-Procurement Platform is the most ideal platform to be used in today's conditions. Read More Sinem GÜNEL Procurement Management and
Internal Customer Experience Manager
Koton Thank you for the support you have provided since the day we started working in February 2014. Devamını oku Bahadır Gürbilek Procurement Manager
Garanti BBVA We are very happy to be on this road with Intengo and to continue this walk. Devamını oku Levent Yazılı Procurement Manager

Inpromax in Numbers

These are the numbers we have reached in 2020.

150 + Buyer company
80.000 + Number of projects
250 + Product group
30.000 + Supplier company
23 + Buyers from different country
16 + Years experience
A Digital and Modern Solution